[US-W]2025B Convenient Three-Wheel Foldable Stroller

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Durable material-frame is made of A3 steel with electrostatic spray, firm, durable and fastness. PU material big wheels for low noises, smooth rolling and high wear resistance. Scientific construction-stair climber has special three-wheel design and two backup wheels for climbing the stairs. 2 small assistant wheels provide appropriate support, thus greatly easing your burden. In order to increase the strength and guarantee service life of climbing cart. We specifically design the pulling handle to be tight enough to prevent it deviating from the frame too. It may make you feel a bit hard to extract the handle during the installation. Ergonomic design-height adjustable handle allows you to select proper height for both stairs and level surface. Collapsible design for easy carry and store. Stair climbing cart has a considerate design of small grip handle underneath the chassis, you can easily turn this climb cart into the tool to team lift. Widely application - the video among the images would show you the wide usage range and the 330lb capacity test of climbing cart. Capable of bringing home the groceries with ease, perfect for carrying heavy boxes, groceries and laundries up and down the stairs at supermarket, home, etc. Don't hesitate to buy it!

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