2pcs Heavy Duty Single Channel Rubber Speed Bump Cable Protector Cover 99 x 16 x 3cm

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  • Made of high strength rubber, it has good effect of shock absorption, crushing resistance and low noise.

  • Modular design allows multiple speed bumps to be connected in-line to span a longer distance.

  • Stripe texture, increases friction with the wheel, prevents slippage in rainy days.

  • It comes in bright yellow color to provide high visibility and additional safety.

  • The bump can protects cables, cords, and hoses from wear and compression caused by vehicular traffic.

Material: Rubber
Color: Yellow Black
Size: Approx. 99*16*3cm/39*6.3*1.2inch
Quantity: 2pcs
Weight: Approx. 6650g / 234.6oz

Package List:
2 x Speed Bump

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