6inches Cross Slide Drill Press Vise Metal Milling Vice Holder Clamping Bench Mount

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Vise jaws are heightened and widened for more clamping force in order to keep workpiece more stable during machining.

The vise body is made from heavy duty cast iron for high hardness and durability.

Double direction design, it can move laterally or longitudinally.

There are several mounting holes on the bottom for convenient fastening firmly in position.

Usually used in milling machine, drill press and machinery maintenance, etc.



Material: Cast iron

Jaw Opening: 147mm

Jaw Width: 150mm(6inches)

Longitudinal Stroke: 130mm

Lateral Stroke: 150mm

Bottom Hole Spacing: 150mm

Quantity: 1

Weight: 15kg(approx.)


Package Includes:

1 x Vise

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